Bouteilles de vin

Our Wines ...

The details of our entire wine list will obviously be available

in its entirety, on site when you come.


Discover here some presentation elements.



For your pleasure...

Our wines are available:

  • by the bottle (75cl and for some 150cl)

  • But also by the glass (12cl) and even in a large glass (18cl) for others!

For gluttony too ...

We offer the wines chosen in a radius of 100Km around us,

from the south of Burgundy to the north of the Rhône Valley and mainly in Beaujolais.


Discover them in 3 distinct categories corresponding to the tasting desires of the moment

and the particularities of each of them:


Festive wines

(from € 4 to € 9 per glass and from € 24 to € 30 per bottle)



( from € 30 to € 36 per bottle)


or Exception

( from € 35 to € 70 per bottle and from € 58 to € 130 per Magnum)


Did you know ?  

The Beaujolais vineyard is on its own:


  • 1,800 winegrowers

  • 14,500 hectares of vines

  • 2 grape varieties, Gamay for the reds and rosés, Chardonnay for the whites

  • 12 appellations of controlled origins including 10 crus, as many “micro-climates” and soils to develop their unique characters

  • 39 villages in 2 departments crossed by the Beaujolais wine route over 140Km

Good tasting !




Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health - consume in moderation
Net price, sevice included

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